2-4hours: Five or more hours:  SingleHour:                       

Standard Rate:

   Single Hour: $135
  (add$10/hr for events after midnight)
(what qualifies?)  

      (2 hourminimum)                             

(samples HERE)

  $35flat fee
 $50 flat fee (for 6+ hrs)

ColorPrinted:    $60 flat fee   $80 flat fee (for 5+hrs)

(clear sleeves)

  $5/hr fee
 $20 flat fee 

(more info HERE)

  $145/hr   (bags andpre-prints are free!)

 Add$10/hr for each hour of drive time from Columbus.
 Clientpaysanyhotel/air fees for jobs requiring overnight stay or air travel.

ExtraArtists:  No additional agent's fee!Artist hours added together and charged at the same hourly rate.
 (Example: 2 artists for 2 hours is 4 artist hours and charged atthe hourly rate x 4 hours)

Day Rates:
 $850/day (up to 8 hours drawing per day!)

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